Coconut Revolution

Coconut Revolution™'s Official Organic Accreditation is Here!

It’s official - Coconut Revolution has received their organic coconut oil certification
across Australia, USDA and Europe, as well as Halal accreditation. The inner and outer health brand’s products are packed with the goodness of 100% cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil, and will now come stamped with organic certification from December 2014. 

To celebrate Coconut Revolution’s goodness, the range will be launching eighteen revolutionary new products this summer, including new ranges Coconut Oil for Beauty and Coconut Oil for Baby – all organic and available in glass jars for extra purity.

Coconut Revolution’s new organic beauty range will feature five sizes of the coconut oil, 200mL (RRP $12.95), 420mL (RRP $19.95), 500mL (RRP $24.95), 670mL (RRP $24.95) and 1000mL (RRP $39.95), in pastel pink packaging to add some natural glamour to the bathroom shelf. Used as a make-up remover, cleanser, moisturiser or cheekbone highlighter, the Coconut Oil for Beauty range will revolutionise daily Mini-Revolutioners can also enjoy the expansion of Coconut Revolution’s ranges, with the introduction of Coconut Oil for Baby. Coconut oil loving infants can enjoy five glass jar sizes of the organic oil, 200mL (RRP $12.95), 420mL (RRP $19.95), 500mL (RRP $24.95), 670mL (RRP $24.95) and 1000mL (RRP $39.95), ideal to  relieve nappy rashes and massage baby scalps naturally.

These new organic health and beauty products are available now at our stores - Queen Victoria Market, Prahran Market, Melbourne Central and Highpoint.  Available in our online store and selected stockists from next week. 

For more information find Coconut Revolution at

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